Sunday, July 27, 2014
It's that time of year again....

One batch done.

It took Bruce 3 hours to clean 288 ears of corn!  It took Stacy & I much longer to make 18 batches of sweet corn for the freezer but boy, is it ever good this year.  Thank you Kevin!!!! 

Kevin's Sweet Corn Recipe

9 cups of sweet corn (Iowa grown, of course)
2 cups water

Use electric knife to cut kernels off the cob.  Put the corn & water in a 5 qt. pot & bring to a boil (need about 16 ears for 9 cups of corn).  Boil five minutes & cool (place the pot in the sink filled w/cold water...change water often or let cool at room temp. for a bit then put in the fridge to cool).  Once it is completely cool, put in freezer bags & freeze.  I put 2 cups per bag; lay the bags flat & they'll stack nicely in your freezer. Enjoy a little piece of summer this coming winter - yum!


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